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Browse our many pictures and take in the beautiful scenery. We guarantee that you'll leave hungry, or at the very least tempted. When you walk into a maple syrup camp you notice many different things. The sounds, the smells, (mmm, the smells.), and that there is someone there to greet you or to make you feel more at home. Depending on the day you arrive, we may be packaging maple syrup, making maple butter or maple cream, or even just boiling which in itself is a task. The odds of you being offered samples and taste testers is almost a guarantee, and you will we hope, feel very comfortable and want to return if for nothing else than to come back and experience the delicious maple smells once again. We are one of several maple syrup producers / manufacturers along the Sunrise Trail with a medium sized operation that is family run, adding a friendly atmosphere to an already enjoyable setting. We have a northern view over Tatamagouche Bay and on a clear day you can see Prince Edward Island. If you decided to go further up the mountain you'd also be able to see the Confederation Bridge linking P.E.I to New Brunswick .

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